A few days back I installed the xnoise music palyer. It looks very  good with many more features than a normal Music player. I looked on the  source code of the music player which was given with the src.rpm. In  the mean time,Kushal Das said me about it. I found it is written in  vala, thought to work with that. At first I cloned the X noise  repository. But due to my internet problem I could not download the  code. Next day I downloaded the code creating a local repository using  command line. It is very interesting to work with a music player. I  mailed to the Xnoise mailing list. I got a very nice reply from Jörn,  which encouraged me a lot.

As I found in the xnoise GUI that the left side bar or the media bar  cannot be hided from the main window, if any user does not want to see  that bar there is no option.

In my patch I have added one hide or show button which will hide or show  the left bar or the media bar as users choice.When the player will be  started then the button will be in “Hide Media” mode and the media bar  will be seen.

If any user does not want to see the media bar the he has to just press  the “Hide Media” button and the bar will be hided in all the modes  (vedio, Lyrics, Track list) and the button will be in “Show Media” mode.

If anyone wants to see the media button back he has to press the “Show Media” button. And  the media bar will be shown.

It is my first patch. I Enjoyed a lot to do this…