Today when I was looking into the code of the openzilla it was looking too long for me.

I was thinking how i have make this all together code? I am planning to separate the code by their functionality.

Today I have done this for the window which is doing new bug posting  thing. Written that part of the code in a file called new_bug.py .  Updated the bug posting functionality with some bug fixes.

One problem I am facing today is I want to disconnect some of the gtk  signals with the source code. I was doing this by opening the glade  file and deactivating signal associated with the item I wanted to.

But for some signals I could not find where is the item connected to it. Suppose, one call back

some operation on it

I want to write the call backs manually and connect them manually.

self.cancel_btn = self.builder.get_object(“cancel”)

So i want to deactivate the signal created by glade file,but I am  unable to find out the signal, so forcefully I had to write the call  backs which i did not want.I want some method in the glade designer  which will search for some signal connected to some item. search for  some item is possible now but search for some signal is not  possible(AFAK).

I am looking for solution to this problem and will update on getting this. trying to get openzilla up :)