Yesterday memory card of my camera got error. Whenever  I am entering it to the camera it was saying not formatted format?

I got shocked! It was having the images which I will not get back again if I loose.

I entered the the memory card in the computer in windows it was  detecting the card but was saying not formatted you need to format.

After searching in the net I got one software which retrieves the  data lost in memory card. But it costs too much around $145. I thought it to be gone, I will not get the images back again.

After that I tried using linux. The memory card was in /dev but not getting mounted

.After searching around one hour I got one method to recover the data  using linux. Though I had to make some changes  in that method but it  worked for me.

at first did a low level copy of the data into hard drive to a dat file.

dd  if =/dev/sdb1 of=memcard.dat

then I got the whole data in memcard.dat

After that I extracted data from that dat file using formost which I got by doing

yum install foremost

then using for most

foremost -dva -t jpeg -o /pace/for/keeping/pictures -i memcard.dat

I got all the image files. Though all the video files also got splitted into jpg images.

It saved me from a tension