Today I have released the second release for openZilla previous version was with the features

1.At first one has to enter the User name, password the base URL  means the web address of the bugzilla site (like  After that he has to enter the topic on which he is Interested to work  on.

2. Then once the user is authenticated to the bugzilla server account   the bugs will be downloaded and shown one can search the bugs  depending  on the field.

3.One can create new bugs from the New button or the new bug menu  (Bugs->New)

Features added in this version are

1. Base URL of the login screen is now in drop down combo box from where user can select the site url.

2. After Login one window with product list will come and user can  select one or more product(s) from that list, or all the products.

3. Bug modification: Bugs can be modified after selecting the bug, new comments can be added, the fields can be updated.

To install the openZilla

1.Download  openzilla.repo to /etc/yum.repos.d/

2.As root do : yum install openzilla

*To install openzilla on any other linux OS:1) download openzilla-0.1.tar.gz2) Untar it: $tar xvf openzilla-0.1.tar.gz3) Change directory to openzilla-0.1: $cd openzilla-0.1b4) As root, install from$su#python install

Feel free to report any bugs, new feature request or suggestions.