I have added search feature to the openzilla,

on the top there is one entry panel where one can enter word or  character to be searched. As the words or characters will be given it  will show a list of bugs which have matching word or character in there  detail.

Search can also done with bugid

For  search one can go to menu search and click search it will give one  popup window with entry box. There after entering the word searching for  if ok pressed, then it will show the bugs having the matching word.

it will give the bug list having the matching word.

To install the openZilla

1.Download  openzilla.repo to /etc/yum.repos.d/

2.As root do : yum install openzilla

*To install openzilla on any other linux OS:

1) download openzilla-0.1.tar.gz2) Untar it: $tar xvf openzilla-0.1.tar.gz3) Change directory to openzilla-0.1: $cd openzilla-0.14) As root, install from setup.py:$su#python setup.py install

Feel free to report any bugs, new feature request or suggestions.