Development of openzilla got paused, since few days I am thinking to continue the development of  openzilla once again. After college completed joined the companies and  got busy with work. Everyday I think about the open source contribution,  but could not make my time for it.

Now I have got a little time to work with open source again, so  finally resuming openzilla development. Few days back I installed the  openzilla, but it is not working properly. I found there is some problem  with the pybugz ( a dependency of openzilla and python interface for  bugzilla systems).

I am presently working for the solution of this problem. I think I will solve it quickly

One more thing is going on in my mind since few days back I am looking into the transifex and thinking to contribute in this project.

this is all about my present days, and its a nice feeling to be back with the open source.