From the previous week I have got a idea about maintaining bugzilla  in off-line and then synchronize it while being on-line. Actually the  Idea was from Kushal Das, he first told me about it.

What is Openzilla ?

It is a desktop application which will download the bugs in a user  account. After that it will show them in a sorted manner. One can see  the bugs in tag view, means one can see the bugs on the basis of fields  which are there in the bugs.

One can modify the bug field and create new bugs also.

Why Openzilla?

It seems that every one can not get on-line all the time. But if any  one wants to maintain the bug reports it is almost impossible. Openzilla  solve this problem in following way:
1. It downloads the bugs with all details to local computer while user is on-line.
2. For searching and viewing purpose it retrieves the data from the local pc.
3. If any modification is needed then it also stores the modified values to local data.
4. If any one wants to create new bugs then he can do it while offline,  all the data will be stored locally and if net is available data will be  updated.

This is the idea, I am trying to get this done :)