I got a netbook without DVD drive. For installing Fedora 13 in my  box,  I installed the fedora 13 live from a USB device, which was  created by liveusb-creator. So I did not get the packages from that live  usb. After that I got a fedora13 iso. from there installed all the  packages by-default available in the dvd. For that purpose I followed  the following steps:

first mount the iso in some where in the file system (I mounted to /mnt) by

$su –
#mount -o loop /path/to/Fedora13.iso /mnt/

then copy the media repo to the yum.repos.d/ folder by

#cp /mnt/media.repo  /etc/yum.repos.d/

then edit the base url of the media.repo to the current the url where the iso is mounted

#gedit /etc/yum.repos.d/media.repo

add one line to the media.repo

baseurl = file:///mnt

Change the directory to the Package

#cd /mnt/Package/

now install the packages you need from the DVD by just doing

#yum install –disablerepo=*  –enablerepo=InstallMedia packagename

in my case I installed all the packages by doing

#yum install –disablerepo=* –enablerepo=InstallMedia *

then unmount the iso

#umount /mnt

for reference I took the help of $man mount and $man yum

have a try