I installed the fedora 13 in my Dell mini. I got Windows XP service  pack 3 with my Dell inspiron mini. It is ok but running a bit slow  that’s because of the low speed of intel atom processor and a lot of  development aplication environments which were given with it. Lately i  had installed Moblin in it. It was cool in look and was working fine.  But the main problem there was I can not see more then one window at a  time there, means if I want to see one window while working on another  window then it was a bad option. Currently I installed Fedora 13 in it.  It working fine in it. More over it is faster than the Windows which was  running on it.

But one problem I got with it is the windows of some aplications are  partly visible. the lower portion of the windows are not visible. And  because of that if there is any button or some thing like that I can   not press it. Though till now it has not made any problem  but it has  become a problem for me.

Here is one of the screen shots the problem which I am facing:

I think this is because of the applet size has been kept fixed even though change in screen size.