While working with X-noise, I was unable to find my patch after committing a change. After changing the files I did

$ hg commit

it said me to enter the title. I did that. After that while doing

$hg diff .

It was showing me the change of the previous commit(not which I  committed now). Seeing that I thought that commit has not been done  properly and committed again.

$ hg commit

$hg diff .

But it was showing nothing. I saw the log using

$hg log

It shows that there is one commit. Then I did

$hg log –patch

It shows all the patches done till now. Then I searched and found a good document. Then did

$hg tip –patch > my_patch.patch

It gives a file called “my_patch.patch” , containing the last commit details.

For more details please read    http://hgbook.red-bean.com/read/

have a fun…