After a long time, my machine is working now. It was almost one  month for me in off line. Now I am again back to my django which seems  to be a very good web development frame work. In it the most good  facility seems to me is its database connectivity with the front end, I  have created a project with it by doing

[bamachrn@bamachrn ~]$ django-admin startproject flickr

I get a folder named as flickr/,,    and urls,py

After getting this I have started an application of django by simply doing

[bamachrn@bamachrn ~]$ cd flickr

[bamachrn@bamachrn flickr]$python startapp clone

doing this I get a folder clone/

with files, and

now we can run our page with

[bamachrn@bamachrn flickr]$python runserver

we get the first page with django.

now after modifying the and and making the database synchronization by doing…

[bamachrn@bamachrn flickr]$python syncdb

when I go to run the server it runs. But when I want to modify the  database it shows ERROR! That DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE and sys.path is not  set. To set these values I have done..

[bamachrn@bamachrn flickr]$export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=settings

[bamachrn@bamachrn flickr]$export PYTHONPATH=”/home/bamachrn/flickr”

then these problem get solved.