My gave a talk in DevConf.IN this year. It was about linting dockerfile, building, scanning images in each git push in the source repo. There we discussed about on-borading open source projects in container-index. After getting merged to container-index the image is built in each push to the source repository, it is also updated with centos base image update.

We had a pretty interactive discussions around building centos based images with people from different industries. People are also interested to deploy the same setup in on-premises way.

I have also volunteered at CentOS+Fedora booth. There was a good crowd on both the days.Few are quite enthusiastic to say I am a CentOS user and grabbed those CentOS stickers.

We got few professors from Christ University as well interested in
knowing an away to get students involved in open-source. We guided them through the wiki and know hows. They were addressing one specific problem of lab environment vs real industry (I believe if we can get meetups, that would really help)

Students were asking about things about how do I explore things what
interests them. we pointed to SIG wiki. For some of them, even I have
asked them to install run things from quikstart to get a feeling of it
first :)

Difference between Fedora and CentOS was the most asked question :D (may be because we had a common booth)

We met few kubernetes users and contributors, interested in container
for different application along with the base ones. the main search was
for stable and small sized container images we pointed them to centos based and centos-atomic containers.

It was really good to see so many people interested in opensurce, enjoyed a lot talking to them :)