Few days back I got a mini laptop of Dell. Since a few days back I  was seeking for a laptop. I was already having a desktop, but the main  problem was portability. I can not take it any where. Previous year  summer I had suffered due to this. Previous year I had done a training  on Core-Java from IBM institution of Saltlake. As I was having no  laptop, I could not practice anything. I used to come home every week  and do all the revisions and practice in two days and then again go to  Kolkata next week. In this way I suffered a lot. I could not attain the  summer training of fedora last year.

I thought I will be taking the ASUS eee PC 1005 HA model.But when I looked for this in the market I found that the ASUS EEE PC 1005 HA is not available in INDIA. Then I searched the market and found DELL INSPIRON mini 1012 series for me.

I ordered for it and when I got that it has Windows XP sp3 installed  in it. It has a lot of development software installed in it.  It seems  that some one has used before giving me. Do the engineers of DELL use the laptops before giving to the customers? It is working much better  than i thought. Thanks DELL.