CentOS Container Pipeline service empowers automatically building, scanning and publishing container images to registry.centos.org. This registry mainly focused on publishing centos based container images. Our main motivation is to keep Base, dependency, language images publicly accessible, keep them updated and scan them regularly to keep the developers updated

Why this?

Now a days everything works on container. So people are building container a lot and pushing them to registries. As a result of this it is becoming very hard to decide which image to use when someone else need it. And how to keep everything updated to upstream and maintain them. registry.centos.org registry is an effort to solve these issues for mainly centos based images. Here all the images are built in CentOS infra with an automated process of CentOS Container Pipeline Service. So there is no random push to registry and all the images are updated to upstream.

How does it work?

For getting the container images published in registry.centos.org. One needs to raise a PR with  an entry in container-index. From container-index pipeline-service takes up the project, does pre-build if required, builds image from it, scans and publishes the image to registry.centos.org. Then it sends notification to the developer using provided email Container Pipeline Service also runs weekly scan on all the image in registry.

Once the image is built in the service it gets rebuilt each time if

  • There is update to the source repo
  • There is update to the base image

Who is this for?

Any open source project wishes to publish the container image in a public registry. All the images, build logs, scan logs are publicly accessible so the project has to be open source. For building the project one needs to have collaboration access to the repo, this is to make sure image is getting built by the project team.

We welcome everyone to come build your project and publish it to registry.